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Above is a photo of a 1,600 pound grizzly bear. The story is that the deer hunter was attacked by the bear. The hunter unloaded his rifle, and the bear dropped dead at his feet. Found inside the bear were human remains. Two hikers had disappeared, and it was felt that this Man Killer had devoured both of them. 

Question: truth or fiction?

Hint: look carefully at the dates of the postings. You won't have to browse beyond the first page of search results!


This photo shows a wreck. Where was the photo taken? What is the name of the wreck? What is its history?

To learn more about the photo's data, upload it to  this EXIF viewer and you'll get the GPS coordinates from the spot where the photographer stood.  

You will have better luck downloading the photo directly by clicking here. (my Web page editor strips off the location coordinates; if you can't find them in the EXIF data, then paste these coordinates into Google Earch search window:  38.053929, -122.202249  )

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This is an arthropod. What is it? Where does it live? Is it dangerous? Use the Google Image search to find out. The photo comes from a Journey North Mystery site for March 21, 2014.

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