Programming on iPads

Scratch Jr.

     For iPads and other “i-devices,” this is one of the more powerful apps available, and the best part is that it’s FREE. Scratch folk at MIT have developed many getting started lessons for this software. The only caveat to mention is that the output is specific to Scratch. This means that users can’t upload the file to Seesaw, for example.

Snap  This looks so much like Scratch, you'd think that MIT had created it…..

              This works on a laptop or an iPad through Safari. Projects seem to be stored

                within the browser. You can store files in the cloud with an email address

                 No age restrictions.

                  It's a little slower than I'd like on the iPad, but my network isn't so great during this initial testing.

Hopscotch  4+, made for ages 9-11. Lots like Scratch.

Daisy The Dinosaur  (made by the folks at Hopscotch)

Kodable Basic version is free, $6.99 for full version. This supports multiple iPad users.



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