Short Shortz with Ipads

     (Developed for Vermont Fest Technology Conference)

     Bring your iPads and imaginations to this session where you will work with others creating a production company, scouting location(s), writing a simple storyboard with script and producing a 1-3 minute film to share with the group.

         Learn and practice a dozen different camera techniques, lighting strategies, set designs and sound tips. Assemble and edit your shots all on your iPad. Create a disappearance scene, a doorway scene and the "inside shot." Learn how to add voice overs and text. You'll be able to share all these skills with your students with iMovie on the iPads they use.

         See what other optional equipment is available.  Learn methods on how to combine movies from two iPads into one. See what's needed to plan for your own fabulous, "dressed to the 9's" Oscars Night, and view some exemplar movies made by 4th and 5th graders.  You will need an iPad2 with iOS 5+ or newer with iMovie, Doodle Buddy(free) and Idea Sketch(free) . 

.  © Brad Edwards 2016