Bird Project in 4th


    A fourth grade teacher wants her students to do a research project on birds. She has assigned each student a bird for their study. She meets with the integrationist to plan the software tools and to block out the time needed. Extra time is scheduled in case of school cancellations or other conflicts. Students come into the lab and log in:

  1. Advance Google search techniques, how to make summary of text they may need, how to add pictures of their bird to their photo collections.
  2. Organize photos; Introduce word processing program.  Students add text and then add photos as needed. Their documents are printed in color and bound into a book for the classroom.
  3. Introduce a program for the presentations to be made at student led parent conferences. Students will lead their parents to the computer lab where they will log in and show them their presentations.
  4. Students write two or three bird poems as acrostics. They learn how to manipulate text in text boxes.
  5. Each class session takes about an hour and seven or eight sessions are needed, depending on the student skill levels.
.  © Brad Edwards 2016