Road Salt Web Quest

Want Salt With that?



            For your science unit on water quality, you will be researching the effect of road salt as it is applied during the winter months to melt snow and ice and as it is applied during the summer months to control dust on dirt roads.

            The objectives include learning how to search the Internet to gather information, how take measurements using Pasco probeware, how to assemble the information in a spreadsheet, and learning how to share what you have learned with your audience.

The Final Product:

            Your final product will be a presentation of your group’s findings.


            Calcium Chloride (road salt) is used to melt snow and ice in the winter as well as to keep dust down on dirt roads in the summer months.

            You are to seek information on the Internet about the effects of road salt on water supplies that exist near roadways.

            Go to and search for sites using the phrases “road salt effects” and “road salt and drinking water.” Enter “What are the effects of road salt on drinking water?” and you’ll receive thousands of hits. Look at the first two pages.  Also try: “environment and road salt” in Google.

            One or two members of your group will also use the Pasco Probeware to sample the amount of salt found in the soil next to roads in your neighborhood. Choose between five and ten locations, preferable near any wet areas. With your laptops, record the information.

Assemble the Information:

            Once you have read the information on three sites, your next task is to list these web sites and write a brief summary (15-25 words) on a Word document. Save this document in your projects folder.

Make the Presentation:

            Your next task is to create a presentation showing what you have learned. You may enter a screen shot of a spreadsheet, data specific to streets, photos you have taken, and any other information you feel is helpful to share the data you have collected. Use whatever technology suits your presentation the best.


Reflect back on the entire project. What went well? What didn’t? How would you do this differently next time?

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