Gravity Ball and Maze

Here’s a simple maze made in the STAGE editor. Start by duplicating a BLANK background. Then, add your drawings and name backgrounds level1, level2, etc. 

 BE SURE you draw the background on the stage and NOT AS A NEW SPRITE !

Notes on the Spite:

The gravity ball has certain colors. You can use your own, of course, but IF you do, then be sure the color choice is correct. See "color…is touching…"

The gravity ball you make will spin around as it follows the mouse pointer wherever that pointer may be. Because it's round, it appears to spin.

Draw the gravity ball as a new sprite. 

Start with a game reset: this is the first green flag you see.

“Point towards the mouse pointer and move 1 step” makes it follow the mouse slowly. 2 steps is faster.

The color of the gravity ball touching red broadcasts a message to the sprites and the stage.

If the gravity ball touches black, you have to start over!

The script for the black ball that moves back and forth.

Scripts for the stage. Once the broadcast message has been received, the stage changes the background.

.  © Brad Edwards 2016