Techniques for Photos

1.  Is that photo real?

     Download the photo to your desktop or photo app

     Go to Jeffry’s EXIF viewer  or use an EXIF viewer on your iPad

          Choose the file and select “view image from file.”

          IF the photo was taken with a modern digital camera (like a phone camera), you’ll see the GPS coordinates listed.

(IF your photo has been taken with such a camera and uploaded to any social media site…..stalkers can find out where that photo was taken and maybe even find where you live. The lesson here is NOT to have your photo on ANY social media site)

     Copy and paste the coordinates into Google Earth to see exactly where the photographer was standing.

     Often, the EXIF viewer will also show a Google Map and you won’t need Google Earth unless more needs to be done (setting a pin, saving the location, etc.)

2. Is that photo real (2)

     Download the photo to your desktop or photo app

     Go to, select images

     Click on the camera icon to the right of the search window where you enter text for searching

     Select the photo from your device and upload

     Google will return photos exactly like or very similar to the photo you uploaded. 

     Check some of them out…’ll learn pretty quickly if the photo is real or not

3. Check for shadows

     Photoshopping (altering a photograph) can’t change the angle of light in any photo.

     Look for inconsistency in shadows.

     Maybe you’ll find an anomaly (something that doesn’t quite fit) in your examination

     (This isn’t much different from “finding 6 differences between these two drawings…..”)


.  © Brad Edwards 2016